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Donate Life - Nebraska - Donor Sabbath

Each year on National Donor Sabbath Weekend, members of faith communities throughout the country participate in a nationwide effort to increase the number of people signed up on state donor registries. All major religions in the United States support organ, eye and tissue donation as an act of generosity and kindness. This interfaith celebration of life is usually celebrated during the second weekend of November, but the information and materials are appropriate for use at any time throughout the year.2017-NDS-300x250 date NoWeb

We encourage all religious organizations to support Donor Sabbath by incorporating organ, eye and tissue donor information into announcements, the bulletin, newsletters, a sermon, recipient testimonials, donor/donor family testimonials, small group discussions/religious education classes, hosting a donor registration booth/event, adding donor registry information to your health ministry's program and adding a link to your website.

Bulletin Announcements

Click here to see sample bulletin announcements available for your use.

Donor Sabbath Inspirational Articles

A Matter of Choice in Life and Death

A Parable of Grace

Stories of Faith

Hymn music for "God, Each Day You Give is Precious" 

The Wish - A Story of Faith, Hope and Generosity

The Wish is a faith-based film about a beloved high school teacher's kidney failure and her struggles as she awaits the kidney transplant she needs to save her life. The trailer is available here

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