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Donate Life Nebraska

Real stories about organ, eye and tissue donation in Nebraska.

Easton's Story

Easton2Easton was born at 33 weeks on June 23, 2013 weighing 4lbs, 4oz and 17 ¼ inches long via emergency c-section. Easton was born with several complicated medical issues including an imperforate anus requiring his first surgery to get a colostomy bag when he was just a few hours old. He was also born with penol scrotol transposition, and a hernia. A couple weeks after he was born and while he was still in the NICU his potassium got way too high, it was scary. He had to have another surgery to get a Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter placed. They started dialysis on him right away and he was on it continuous for dialysis for 24 hours, and that's all he needed. His labs starting looking better every day and he was finally drinking all of his bottles. It was a wonderful feeling. Easton was in the NICU for 6 weeks and was finally discharged to go home on August 2, 2013.

Easton went home with no feeding tube, no dialysis (only the catheter), and only on a few meds. Initially, he did so well at home! We made sure he ate every 4 hours and drank a certain amount in a certain time or we would need to take him in. He also needed his medicine every 3 hours. We were busy, that's for sure but it was so worth it to have him home! The doctor even considered taking out his Peritoneal dialysis catheter since he wasn't using it and there was a good chance it could have gotten infected.EastonMomDad

Good thing they didn't take it out! Easton slowly wasn't acting like himself. He started spitting up his formula, he was acting so sleepy all the time, and just was not drinking the way he used to. He would have to get his labs drawn once a week to make sure everything was still looking good. Well everything was, so I had called his pediatrician to see if he could get seen right away because he wasn't acting right. We went in a couple hours later and he said he looked great but he wanted to go check the lab work he had done the day before. Usually if they didn't look good someone would call us right away and have them re-drawn to make sure they weren't real,
well no one called us so we figured they were good. The pediatrician said they looked horrible and he didn't believe it but we needed to go get them re done to be sure. It ended up to be real and Easton got admitted back into Children's hospital on September 28, 2013.

They wanted to start up his dialysis as soon as possible but they were unsuccessful. Since it hadn't been used in so long it just wasn't working and Easton had to go in for surgery to get a new one placed. He kept getting infection after infection and he slowly lost his eating skills. He was on a feeding tube for the most part and we pretty much lived at Children's all together for 7 months.

Easton was then put on Hemo Dialysis because the peritoneal was just not working out for him. We also ended up finding out that Easton does have a bladder, a very tiny 1 centimeter big bladder which is basically nothing. For them to do his penol scrotol transposition surgery and for him one day to get a Kidney he will be going in July 9, 2014 to get surgery for a urostomy bag on July 10 for his urine. We were told that Easton will most likely be living with a Urostomy and Colostomy for the rest of his life.

On May 19, 2015 Easton received a Kidney Transplant from his daddy. His dad is doing great and all healed up! As for now we are just learning to live our lives without going to dialysis and getting him in a normal home routine to live life like a little boy should. He will still need surgeries in the future, but as of right now we are holding off.


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