Jesus was two-months-old when he received his new liver. He spent a week at Children's Hospital & Medical Center and was then transferred to The Nebraska Medical Center. After his transfer, he waited six days for a new liver.

He was transplanted with a full infant liver on April 21, 2001 and has been doing great since then. He was home within two weeks and has only had one short bout of rejection that required a short hospital stay to get it corrected. He has been healthy and active. In fact, many find it hard to believe he has ever had an issue! Jesus likes to play basketball, soccer, and football.

Jesus is a normal 11-year-old, sometimes a bit more mature than others his age. Some place down deep inside he has a spiritual side that comes bubbling up. Jesus requested to be baptized when he was 8 years old. He wanted to join the Catholic Church and make his first communion. We worked with him and sent him to classes to achieve this. His next step is to attend classes in the 7th and 8th grade, to become confirmed.

We would like the donor family to know that we think of their loss and thank them from the deepest part of our hearts for their gift of life. Jesus would not be here today and we would have missed so very much without him. I would like them to know that we hold April 21st each year as another Birthday for Jesus - not one of gifts, but deeper: the most important gift of LIFE! And they, the donor family, gave this to him!

To potential donors, I would say and have said again and again: Please Donate! Give the special gift when we are gone. We no longer need our human body but someone, some family needs it very much.