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Peggy’s Story – A Living Kidney Donor’s View - Donate Life - Nebraska - Donate Life Nebraska


Donate Life Nebraska

Real stories about organ, eye and tissue donation in Nebraska.

Peggy’s Story – A Living Kidney Donor’s View

My Dad, Mel Hinrichs, had been on dialysis for about a year and a half, due to Wegener's disease – which had damaged his kidneys. He needed a kidney transplant, so in June of 2010, I went in to see if I would be a match for my Dad. I found out that I was a tissue match, but not a blood match. My Dad is an
O and I'm an A positive. So I continued to pray that God would bring the perfect kidney for my Dad! Mel H

In January 2011, The Nebraska Medical Center called and said they thought they could manipulate my dad's blood to accept a different blood I proceeded with all the testing to make sure that I could donate, and everything was a go! So on March 23, 2011 my Dad and I went to the Med Center for the transplant!

My Dad just had his 3 year check-up, and is doing great. The kidney is working perfectly, and he has had a new lease on life, being able to do things that he had not been able to do prior to the transplant! My Dad was almost 75 years old when he received my almost 52 year old kidney! So if there is a chance that you could better someone's life, my suggestion is to do it! It has not changed the way I live my life, but it certainly has changed his!!

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