Prior to my transplant, everything was fine, except for reading. I was not able to read very well and needed a lot of light. My golf score had nothing to do with my poor eyesight, however, I was able to use it as a handy excuse! Thankfully, there was no waiting time for my transplant. Dr. Peters set a date for me to go to the office where the procedure would take place. The surgery was somewhat uncomfortable, but what surgery isn't? Dr. Peters and his staff were outstanding - before, during, and after all was done. I just followed instructions.

Everything is much brighter and clearer, and I am very glad that reading is easier. I don't do anything different than what I had done in the past, however, being able to see things better has made it better for me and I feel more relaxed. My first reaction if I met my donor family would be to thank them very much. The donor made my life a much better one and for that I will be forever thankful. A person who would donate anything like this has to have a heart and soul. I'd tell anyone considering organ donation what it is like to get a new chance in life and that what they are doing is giving new meaning in life for someone in need. This is called a blessing.

I am very thankful that someone shared part of their life with me and that they made it better. I do think of the person who donated their cornea to me and the doctor who was able to help my life in many ways.