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Cornea Transplant - Donate Life Nebraska


Donate Life Nebraska

Real stories about organ, eye and tissue donation in Nebraska.

Richard's Story

Prior to my transplant, everything was fine, except for reading. I was not able to read very well and needed a lot of light. My golf score had nothing to do with my poor eyesight, however, I was able to use it as a handy excuse! Thankfully, there was no waiting time for my transplant. Dr. Peters set a date for me to go to the office where the procedure would take place. The surgery was somewhat uncomfortable, but what surgery isn't? Dr. Peters and his staff were outstanding - before, during, and after all was done. I just followed instructions.

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Mike’s Story: Journey to the See

“As you walk the journey, you begin to see what you really need to see.”

My story began long before my personal journey when someone demonstrated compassion, courage, generosity and forethought and became a donor. I have been a recipient of that act of kindness on four different occasions. The opportunity to live my life with the ability to see all of the wonderful things around me is a gift; my wife, children, grandchildren, family, friends, colleagues and all the beauty of nature would be shadows without it.

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