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Donate Life Nebraska

Real stories about organ, eye and tissue donation in Nebraska.

Richard's Story

Prior to my transplant, everything was fine, except for reading. I was not able to read very well and needed a lot of light. My golf score had nothing to do with my poor eyesight, however, I was able to use it as a handy excuse! Thankfully, there was no waiting time for my transplant. Dr. Peters set a date for me to go to the office where the procedure would take place. The surgery was somewhat uncomfortable, but what surgery isn't? Dr. Peters and his staff were outstanding - before, during, and after all was done. I just followed instructions.

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Allison H's Story

I was born with Gastroschisis, a condition in which half of my intestines were on the outside of my body. After failed attempts to gain blood flow back to that section of the bowel, it had to be removed since it was considered dead bowel. This resulted in a diagnosis of Short Bowel Syndrome.

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Lisa's Story

b2ap3_thumbnail_425728_10151408075088313_2044732178_n.jpgA few weeks ago, we introduced you to Lisa, our Donate Life Nebraska president, who was waiting for a heart transplant. We are delighted to announce that she has received her new heart and has shared this update to her blog:

Tuesday, November 13th

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